About Us

3-East, LLC started in 2015 when Matt Gilbertson, Tim Freese & Jeff Gilbertson formed a separate corporate entity to control and oversee the ongoing Intellectual Property development through their efforts at The Gilbertson Group.

The firm’s name is a reference to their high school alma mater, West Chester East Vikings. The company’s logo pays tribute to the visionary Viking-sailing ships of yesteryear that incorporated new technology like astrolabes and celestial navigation techniques helping them circumnavigate the globe in fast and light ships.

In 2020, 3-East moved into its new corporate headquarters in Parkesburg, Pennsylvania. This state-of-the-art facility includes an expansive property complete with an environmentally controlled warehouse, a tech-support/production lab, offices and conference spaces ideal for training and end-user presentations.

As of 2022, Matt and Tim assumed full control and ownership of 3-East so Jeff could continue his career with a national provider of security integration and cash handling services.

3-East continues to partner with select high-quality national and regional resellers committed to bringing 3-East products to a receptive end-user base across many different verticals. The new iterations of VeraPass and Smart Deposit Stations (formerly smartAHD) are taking the intelligent key and smart depository business to whole new levels.


“Competence to See; Capability to Act.”