Next Generation of Depository

smartAHD (After-Hours Depository) is a revolutionary product bringing advanced functionality to legacy and new depository transactions. smartAHD turns traditional depository systems into keyless, receipt-giving smart depositories with the ability to provide same day provisional credit to any institution’s customer base.

Features & Benefits

  • Reduces attrition and attracts new, more profitable clients
  • Cost-effective and scalable
  • Supports multiple means of deposit drops
  • Plug & Play functionality from first day of operation
  • Customer branding and API integrations available now
  • Works with all new and most legacy/existing depositories

smartAHD’s benchmark capabilities:

  • Remotely pre-stage AHD transactions for efficiency, visibility and security
  • Utilize “keyless” drops
  • Deliver proof-of-deposit electronic receipts to multiple recipients
  • Provide daily provisional credit transmissions for each deposit
  • Optimize deposit reconciliation and armored (pick-up) activities
  • Access web portal for deposit activity reporting