A comprehensive locking solution solving complex operational, security & compliance issues

VeraPass® is a system which positively impacts Commercial, Financial, Industrial, Healthcare and Government entities where audit, compliance & risk management are integral to daily operations. VeraPass® is comprised of enterprise management software, SQL RDBMS, certified programmers & biometric readers working in conjunction with Medeco® XT high-security programmable keys and electromechanical lock cores.

VeraPass® Benefits & Differentiators:

  • Biometric, PIN and/or credential authentication for programming keys
  • Dual-Control/Dual-Custody capabilities
  • Surveys available for issuance/return of programmable keys
  • Proactive user-defined reporting
  • Works with proven electromechanical locks and programmable keys
  • Stand-Alone Programmers minimize hardware needs
  • Decisions are made locally at the programming device
  • Remote Software update capability
  • Plug and Play installation
  • Active Directory integration
  • Windows® 10 compatible
  • Supports Medeco® XT 1.0 and 2.0

VeraPass® manages and controls users, programmable keys & electromechanical locks

Working with Medeco® XT Hardware and VeraPass® is as easy as:

  1. Operate the Management Software through Biometric or Windows® Authentication
  2. Host the Management Software through Self Hosting or Cloud Hosting
  3. Program the Keys
    1. All-Purpose ProgrammerTM (APPTM)
    2. Desktop Programmer
    3. Multi-Factor ProgrammerTM (MFPTM)